Sunday, November 20, 2005

College Football Poll

1. USC- Until they get beat, FSU is probably that good.

2. Texas- See 1.

3. LSU- Most think this is who WVU will play in the Sugar Bowl. Should be interesting.

4. Penn St.- Who I wish we were playing in a bowl. Congrats Joe!

5. Notre Dame- You didn't really think I was gonna put Va. Tech here did you?

6. Ohio State- See 5.

7. Va. Tech- Had to go somewhere up here.

8. Auburn- Just a field goal away from #3. Really impressive considering what they lost from last year.

9. Fresno St.- I'm a believer.

10. Oregon- I guess. I haven't really seen them play, but one loss isn't bad for that conference.

11. Georgia- I know, two losses, but they play in the SEC.

12. UCLA- I think they should be lower, but one loss helps.

13. WVU- Who'da thunk it.

14. Alabama-What offensive line?

15. Louisville- See 13.

16. TCU- Haven't seen them play, but if UCLA stays that high, so should TCU.

17. South Florida- At this point, it doesn't really matter.

18. Michigan- Nice try.

19. Boston College- Who said you couldn't do just as bad in the ACC?

20. Clemson- How did that taste coach? Nice frosh. running back, Davis.

21. Georgia Tech- Hehehehehehehe.

22. Miami- See 21.

23. UTEP- Bring on the strippers!

24. Florida- I guess.

25. Texas Tech- No comment.

117. Pitt

Games I watched:

Miami-Ga. Tech
Va. Tech-Va
Ohio St.-Michigan

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