Monday, February 27, 2006

Pitt Preview

Ok, I just have to say that until I started going over to the Pitt Sports Blather I didn't know that West Virginians were referred to as Hoopies. But, apparently we are. It's a reference to wearing barrels secured with metal hoops in lieu of clothes. No photo's readily available from Google. Don't hold it against him, though. I'm sure we've all been called worse.
How does WVU win this game? If I was coach B, the first thing I would do is to clear everyone out, and let Joe Herber take his man to the basket. I can't say that I have seen anyone able to guard him one-on-one all year. No one talks about this, but I would draft him before Gansey or Pittsnogle. I think he has the most complete game of anyone on the team. He started every game for WVU since his first as a freshman. He's 6'6", and can run the offence from the point. He has a plethora of moves around the basket, including being just as good with the lefty as the righty. If WVU had a little more size on their team, he would be matched up against the oppositions shooting guard on most nights, and people would see the matchup problems he can create. He averages 4.6 assists per game and 1.7 turnovers per game. If they do nothing else, WVU must guard against the hero complex, and not take a 3 just because they think they are "feeling it".
If I'm Pitt, I wouldn't do anything different than the last game. They completely took us out of our game. It's rare to get the same result twice in one season against the same team. I expect Pitt to follow the same game plan, and change only if we are able to defeat it. How does Pitt react when things aren't working? We'll see....


Chas said...

Uh, no. That's not what "hoopie" is in reference to. It has to do with the skiilled craftmanship trade of the folks of WV. Making whiskey barrels. Specifically, the metal hoops to keep them in place. Specialized trade to be sure.

Johnny said...

Huh. Oh well, doubt it's the last time I will be wrong. I could have sworn I read that on your blog. Must have been the wiskey! Hehehehe. I always thought our specialty was moonshine. Thanks for the correction.