Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Adding a 9th

How long will it be before the Big East will add a 9th football team? Sooner or later, the football schools are going to break away from the basketball only schools and form a new all sports conference. In a Q&A with Paul Zesie the question was asked:

As for adding a football-only member to balance the schedule, I would expect this to happen, probably sooner than later. As Jeff Long said, it is simply too tough to find five non-conference games every year, which is what they essentially have to do with a 12-game schedule. It is a safe bet that Central Florida would probably be the top candidate for this. The school has been working diligently to get itself in position should the opportunity arise.

Personally, I hate the idea of bringing UCF into the Big East. We already have a team in Florida, and I think we would be much better off getting a team close to home. Which brings me to my next point, Marshall? NO! For the same reason I don't want UCF, and their status in the leaderboard of the the Fulmer Cup. Also, the motto they used to flash at every opportunity when they were in the MAC: Marshall, we play for championships! Isn't that kind of like Anthony Michael Hall's role in 16 Candles?

I guess you could call me King of the Dip-Shits!

Ideal teams would include:


Penn State

Notre Dame

and while I'm at it, I guess I could ask God for a million bazillion dollars.

Realistically, there are not any worth while teams out there.

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