Friday, March 17, 2006


Wow, Big East 5-0 today! My dream of an all Big East final 4 is still alive. Still to early for that, but there were a ton of upsets today.

Artist rendition of the celebration

The game was closer than the final score showed, but I was impressed with WV's performance today. I didn't see any off balance 3pt shots. OMG, we out-rebounded someone! From a slight glance, Northwest St. seems to be the same type of pressure defense as SIU. Should be fun. Hopefully Gansey getting his shot back in the second half is a sign of things to come. He more than did his part in other areas, but we need his shot to keep moving on.

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Johnny said...

Make that 7-0 with Cincinnati and Louisville both winning in the NIT. How bout we have an all Big East final in both tournaments?