Monday, March 13, 2006

Cincy Got Screwed!

Yup, they got screwed. Seemingly, a thought that everyone in the Big East can agree on. Not to mention the Kentucky and Louisville fans that chimed in. What's next? Cats and dogs living in harmony?

What the hell is going on here?

And just how the hell did Air Force get in?

Just ask the chef at the selection committee!

Oh, I bet they all had a "high" time. It really is the only way I can see Tennessee at a #2 seed.

One good thing is that I don't think WV could have been put in a better place if they asked. Considering what I talked about above, maybe they did. Even though WV lost to LSU and Texas earlier in the year, both were very close games.

But, before I start looking at the sweet 16 and beyond, Southern Illinois and Iowa will both be tough games. I'll talk more on that later.


Butch said...

Good post! Go UAB...just kidding...

Johnny said...

Hehehehehehehe. Hey Butch. No need to "just kidding", we're/I'm not real big on UK.