Wednesday, April 12, 2006

D Line

I haven't written much about the defensive line so far, but this is a nice article about them. With as many experienced people as they have, they could really be good. In comparison to when they played Maryland in 2003 and had four defensive linemen, non weighing more than 270

"We're now at the point where we're going to throw a bunch of guys out there that are 290 to 300-pound kids along the front and all those kids can move they're not heavy kids they're long-bodied and there's not a lot of fat on them."

I still haven't written much about the defensive line. It's all so cliched. It is nice to hear the coach talking highly of them in the spring. Casteel isn't real quick to hand out praise to his own players. Not in a Lou Holtz kind of way, just the kind of person you want running your defense.
Everytime I hear defensive line coach Bill Kirelawich talk, it reminds me of the coach from water boy. His voice is so raspy when he uses his inside voice, I can only imagine what it sounds like when he is mad. They seem to get the message, though.

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