Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's already starting

Can't say as I thought we needed to spy on them just yet, but WV has already sent out their first spy to collect information.

Nothing like a little spy scandal to spice up the football rivalry between West Virginia and Marshall.

Heading into only their second matchup in 83 years, and it took the governor's involvement to help set this September's game,— school officials on both sides confirm a West Virginia student was caught spying at a Marshall practice this month.

I could see if this was Louisville or Maryland, but Marshall? This is the team that went 4-7 in CUSA last year, and doesn't look to be any better this year.

Top Secret Notes

In response, Marshall has placed guards at every entrance to the stadium, and will be conducting full body cavity searches on anyone interested in viewing practices or the spring game. Officials are not concerned about this effecting attendance, as interest in the team was at an all time low before the spying incidentnt.

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