Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Experiments

Several players have moved around from offense to defense and vise versa, hoping sure up some positions that were considered "thin" going into spring practice. One that I am glad did not work out is Pernell Williams moving to DB.

The Pernell Williams-to-cornerback experiment is now officially over. The junior-to-be has been moved back to running back.
"As I told him, you're not going to play a whole lot on defense and we know you're going to play some on offense," Rodriguez said. "Pernell is such a good guy and he's going to play a lot of special teams, too."

Pernell doesn't show a lot of moves, but he picks his hole and goes with it. It will also help with the transition of Tyler Benoit from DB to RB. With Jason Colson in the mix as well, the running back position should be set.

If size matters, then Doug Slavonic needs to work himself into the defensive line rotation. At 6-8 he should pose problems for opposing quarterbacks trying to pass over him. He saw extra time in last Saturdays scrimage due to Keilen Dykes suffering from a foot injury. Slavonic needs to put on a few pounds between now and the fall. My suggestion? Hook up with Butterbean and let the fat times roll!

Master weight gainer Butterbean, aka "Dinner Bell Brown"

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