Monday, May 22, 2006

Early Crack Pipe Predictions: The Eastern Washington Edition

(EWU fans: The crack pipe is for me and my way too early predictions. It helps me think more clearly.) My first impression without really looking at EWU too closely is that despite them being 1-AA, they are probably a better program than Buffalo. Buffalo backed out of our schedule at the last minute to go on a treasure hunt at Auburn. If at no other time in the year, we'll be cheering for Auburn on that day to give Buffalo the beatdown of their life.
I plan on getting a link up to a blog for every team we play this year, if it isn't already up. Is there a Marshall blog out there anywhere?
Back to EWU, go to Spokesman Review for info. Their all time leading passer, Erik Meyer, has been shopping himself around a few NFL camps. With that, they are looking at three different quarter backs.

Quarterback is still a question mark with Chris Peerboom, Matt Nichols and Josh Powell combining to go 23 of 43 for 199 yards. With a veteran line and experienced running backs, the Eagles will run more in the fall than in recent years, so obviously the point of emphasis was on checking out the young quarterbacks."

As stated above, I think EWU will give us a much better game than Buffalo could ever hope to. Still, I feel like coming into this game, it will be hard for EWU to move the ball without an experienced quarterback. I see a lot of juniors and seniors on that roster, but I expect this one will be close for the first quarter or so, and then WVU will pull away for a comfortable 40-14 win.

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