Saturday, May 06, 2006

Way too early Top 25

Stewart Mandel's way too early look at the top 25 has me just wondering if he is trying to make friends in the Mountain State before the season starts.

Number 4, huh? No offense, it's nice to get the recognitioin, but we have to wait until we first play Louisville, and then hopefully another bowl victory in a BCS game. A soft schedule just adds to the frustration. I think they are good enough. I have a lot of confidence that the defense will step up big this year. I just think starting at No. 10 is a little more realistic to start the season off, and see how they stack up as the season goes along.

I'm interested to see how teams approach the spread offense this year. If WVU can up the production in the passing game, it might not matter. And, just in time a WV boy on the team can help out with that in a big way.
Brandon Barrett has been working hard to get back on the field. This whole group of receivers a re a little underrated. They are all capable receivers, and if they all gel this year, this could be really good.

Crash Test Dummy #1 Marshall.... Preview coming soon.

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