Sunday, June 04, 2006

Greeting, and coach stuff

Greetings to two new blogs to my blog roll, Buckeye Banter, and Fire Mark May. Welcome aboard folks!

In other news, negotiations continue between Rich Rodriguez and WVU over a contract extension.

Rodriguez and Mountaineer officials are talking about a contract extension, but are in a stalemate "because the fifth-year coach seeks additions to his contract such as a formal university commitment to higher pay for his assistants, facility improvements and standards equal to other comparable coaches."

And that is really the latest I have heard about the negotiations. It is, however, eerily similar to the reasons coach Beilein was looking at other options. Both are insistent on upgrades to things like facilities, more pay for assistant coaches, etc. It's refreshing to know we have a couple of coaches that are not just interested in their own wallets, and want to build their respective programs up.
Any Mountaineer fan you talk to will sing the praises of both coaches for their superior performances over the last few years. So, I say to you satisfied fans that it is time to either purchase season tickets, even if you know you will not be able to make it to all the games, and/or make a donation to the Mountaineer Athletic Club. Bringing in a new high profile coach will probably cost much more than what we are currently paying our current coaches, and still will not guarantee the same results. So, it's either time to pony up, or shut your fucking mouth if one or both should leave, folks.

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