Friday, June 09, 2006

Something to get me through the weekend

Unless some inspiration unexpectedly falls out of the sky, I can't see posting again until Monday. So, how bout the top 10 coaches in college football for the moment. I'm not real interested in looking at longevity, just the hot coaches over say a 3 year span. In order to eliminate any hommerism, Rich Rodriguez will be left off this list.

10. Pat Hill-Fresno St. With a goatee like that, and excusing a late season slump last year, Pat is deserving of some 'spect!

9. Bobby Patrino-Louisville. Great talent to be sure, but followed up with an explosive offensive style that is fun to watch when they aren't doing it to you.

8. Frank Beamer-Va. Tech. Beamer ball is still alive and well in Blacksburg. A slight problem with star player control, but always tough.

7. Bob Stoops-Oklahoma. Last year hurt, but I'm sure he will earn this spot this coming year.

6. Mac Brown-Texas. Probably one of the more underrated coaches in America with a national championship. What he did at North Carolina was remarkable given what they did before and after he was coach.

5. Steve Spurrier-South Carolina. Always a hot coach.

4. Pete Carrol-USC. Bringing USC back to elite status in a short period of time.

3. Mark Richt-Georgia. Consistently very damn good.

2. Jim "Cheatypants McSweatervest" Tressel-tOSU. Very impressive 3 year run.

1. Urban Meyer-Florida. But he better make the spread work this year. Commit to the run!

Feel free to post your own top ten. Just buy me a beer and tell me a story.


Peter said...

Hmm... I think you've more or less got the right ten, but without any criteria explaining how you're ranking them, the ordering seems odd, or even random. Why is Urban Meyer #1, for example? How, precisely, is he better than Pete Carroll? Or Mack Brown? How is Mark Richt above these two?

I'm quibbling a bit, but I'm just curious. It looks dangerously like a Heisman Pundit list as it stands: random criteria ;)

Johnny said...

You're absolutely right Peter! This post was completely off the cuff. It wasn't due to laziness nearly as much as it would appear. Though looking back on it now, I'm ashamed about it enough to look at doing it again with a little more weight to why I ranked them where I did.