Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Top 10 games I've attended at New Mountaineer Field

10.2005-WVU 45, Pitt 13

The temps were in the low single digits. The score kept us warm!

9. 2004 WVU 27, Syracuse 6

Just for the sheer drunkeness, and a dominant victory!

8. 1998-WVU 59, Boston College 19

We like this one for the lopsidedness!

7. 1983-WVU 13, VT 0

Homecoming shutouts are always good!

6. 2004-WVU 19, Maryland 16

The monkey off our back! Maryland had our number since Ralf Friedgen took over for Maryland. This series needs to pick back up as soon as possible. Always one of my favorite games of the year.

5. 1980-WVU41, Cincinnati 27

The first game at New Mountaineer Field. John Denver came and sang Country Roads for the pre-game. It was a very electric atmosphere!

4. 2005-WVU 46, Louisville 44

This was the game that started the roll to the Sugar Bowl. One of the best comebacks in the history of WVU Football.

3. 2003-WVU 28, VT 7

This game turned a 2-4 season into a 8-4 season, and put the program back on the map.

2. 1984-WVU 21, Boston College 20

Doug Flutie's final game at Mountaineer Field, and his last chance to beat the Mountaineers.

1. 1984-WVU 17, Penn St. 14

Our first victory over Penn St. in like a billion-gazillion years. Injuries destroyed this team. With wins over BC, Penn St., VT, Louisville, Ohio, Pitt, and Syracuse, and a loss to Maryland, WVU lost it's last three games to Virginia, Rutgers, and Temple. Then won the Blue Bonnet Bowl vs. TCU.

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