Saturday, July 08, 2006

C'mon Todd, That's Chris Henry's Job!

Todd Sauerbrun failed a "pee-pee" test recently for Ephedra. (ht:Deadspin) He will be suspended for the fist month of the season. Now Todd, if you want to lose weight, there are certainly better, legal ways of doing it.

1. Don't eat so much!

2. When you're working out, spend less time working on the "guns" and do a few crunches!

3. Make a few unflattering comments about the linebackers ancestry!

4. Have some fruit!

5. Try a few more fake punts, just to see if anyone is paying attention!

6. You don't have to eat the funnel cake at every charity bake sale, just give 'em some money!

7. Two words, "Exlax Brownies"!

Todd "Funnel Cake" Sauerbrun


Cool Hand Mike said...

Can you imagine a BIG punter amped up in Denver? He'd have a 75 yard average if the NFL didn't step in.

Johnny said...

Todd was capable of that before he went to the NFL. When he was at WVU it was nothing for him to hit 60-70 yard punts, ie our offense was horrible his senior year. I remember him hitting a 90 yarder that year.