Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damn if I don't feel like talking about anything today!

I spent the better part of the day trying to fix the way the blog looked because of some shitay formatting on my part. My apologies to those of you using Internet Explorer. I think it's fixed now. (fingers crossed)

I'll say it for about the millionth time now, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START!!!! That, and there is some other stuff brewing that I don't want to talk about until it is finalized, but it should be real good for me and you!

Looking around the web, here's something that might be a bit of a shocker. If not a shocker, certainly bad news for the pre-adolescent school girls of the world. Sorry girls, but hey, there's a million boy bands just waiting for you to overwhelm yourself with sweat over.

Orson is fixed on some alternative viewing this week, and we just wonder what really happened on his vacation?

I feel sorry for Harold Reynolds when he showed up for dinner!

A hat tip to Eagle in Atlanta for the link. I appreciate being put in that company!

And lastly, if you were wondering if there was ever any end to my weirdness, the answer is no. I do other stuff for no real reason other than it's what I like to do.

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