Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finish this sentence

Inspired by CFN's preview of Marshall

1. Ahmad Bradshaw not only led the team in rushing, he also led the Herd in...stolen Playstation 2's.

2. Marshall had the 12th best pass defense in the nation in 2005. This was mostly because of them being the ____ ranked run defense in the nation. (75th)

3. Marshall running back that needs to have his first and last name switched for comedy's sake? Chubb Small.

4. Writer Marshall fans wish wasn't covering their team?

Chuck Landon and his Mullet.

5. _______ should have looked in the mirror before he went out today.

^^This Guy^^


Cool Hand Mike said...

1. Paternity test requests from alleged father Terry.
2. 438th.... it's bad when the Sisters of the Poor (Detroit Office) had twice as many INTs.
3. Can't beat ya on Chubb.
4. This is obvious......Jay Mariotti
5. The entire damn Oregon football team.

Johnny said...

Awsome Mike!Hehehehehe