Monday, July 24, 2006

Quinton Andrews Piece

Andrews ready to take someone's head off!

There's a nice piece on Quinton Andrews on MSNsportsNET. One of the things I really like about this article is that it reminded me of former WVU linebacker Derek Christian. He was there in the early days for Don Nehlen. In one of his first practices the St. Albans native hit the quarterback, who was wearing a vest so players would know not to hit him. After that, Nehlen said in his usual "aw shucks" way, "if nothing else, we know Derek is going to hit someone." And over his career at WVU he certainly did that.
And reading this took me back to that comment almost immediately.

Once during skeleton drills in the spring a charged-up Andrews delivered a big shot on starting quarterback Pat White that got both the offensive and defensive players going at each other. Andrews had forgotten that White was wearing a no-contact yellow jersey.

Many are expecting big things out of Andrews this year and into the future. Like current fullback/face mask breaker Owen Schmitt.

Schmitt is now a believer, labeling Andrews the one player in the program that is going to surprise people this fall.

"That makes me feel good, especially knowing that it is coming from a player like Owen," Andrews said. "When I was on scout team I always went up against Owen and we had a couple of encounters."

Andrews fits in well with a West Virginia program full of competitive athletes. What is starting to set this program apart from others is just how competitive things can get sometimes.

Can someone go ahead and start the season? I'm dying over here!


huthut62 said...

i read that this quinton andrews kid laid out owen on a play and anybody who can lay out owen schmitt has to be a tough son of a bitch lol

Johnny said...

Agreed!I've never known Owen to give anything less than his best effort.