Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brandon Myles

There's an article up on MSN about Brandon Myles. The non-qualifier that made the most of his opportunity. For every good story we come across, there seem to be about 10 bad ones that follow it up. With the Big East moving away from accepting non-qualifiers, stories like this will be fewer and fewer. I can't say that I disagree with the Big East. Your chances of keeping the student-athletes you recruit is much better if you do not accept non-qualifiers. It also will help with the prestige of the conference.

But this is now, and Brandon should be praised for his accomplishment!

"Brandon is a great story. Not all non-qualifiers make it, but we have had great success with them throughout the years at West Virginia. Brandon is a true story about a guy that worked hard and believed in himself," Rodriquez said.

I'm happy for Brandon. He's been a star on and off the field for WVU!

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