Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coach Rod Made a Funny

A bit of new terminology has been introduced at WV this year. And it has to rank up there with the pitcher taking the mound with a cheif's hat and a neck brace on.

When foes are pressing the line, stacking the box with eight players and leaving the wideouts one-on-one; when they are bringing delayed cornerback blitzes from the backside; when they call the kamikaze rush and leave plays to chance - that'’s when either West Virginia or the opponent is going to strike big. Somebody's going to make a play - either a sack or a stop for a loss, a huge gainer via the pass or a backbreaking run - and somebody's going to be burned.

"We call those situations 'Instruments Up,' Rodriguez said, "because somebody's band is gonna be playing when they score. We don't know it if will be them or us, but a big play is going to happen, and up go the instruments."

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