Monday, August 07, 2006

Sports Bloggers Live Interview

Ok, so I was interviewed by Jamie Mottram from Sports Bloggers Live today. I think it is only appropriate that I give a huge, huge thank you to Jamie for having me on. It was great to have the opportunity to do that!!!! Given that I went without internet access you would think that I would be smart enough to write the number down that I was supposed to call in on. However, when I came home for lunch I found that I was sans internet again. And basically kicking everything in site. Luckily Jamie was smart enough to ask for my phone number just in case something went wrong. Good job Jamie!
Jamie had me on as part of his preview of the Big East, and we talked about everything from projections for the upcoming season to Couch Burning to fan harassment to Louisville's defense. I swear Louisville fans, it just slipped out, and if I would have reversed my stance, the Drill Instructor would have only beat me harder.
Anyhow, you should go over and have a listen. Under "Big East Preview" click on the link that says "listen.
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