Monday, August 14, 2006

Streaming Radio

For the life of me, I just can not understand why all radio stations don't stream their programming over the internet. I wanted to listen to the Statewide Sportsline to get some real time news on WVU, but you have to pay a price to listen to it over the internet. So, I had to walk all the way over to the other side of the house to get a portable radio and bring it back to listen to while I blogged.

Now I know that some old white men will tell you how not making someone pay to listen to their programming over the internet hurts the bottom line. But I always thought that the purpose of radio was to reach as many people as possible. Anyone with half a brain would hook up with some national advertising. Am I wrong in presuming that every college football team in America has a daily radio talk show? I didn't think I was wrong about that. Now, a national advertising agency could work a few companies to advertise their product over streaming world wide radio. Each radio station could get paid to run these advertisements to make up for not making people pay. Now, who comes to mind as the ideal advertiser for something like this? Gosh, you know most of these radio stations already carry ESPN radio anyway. So they should already have access to the 30 second pieces that ESPN uses. Who else? Oh yeah, 95-99% male audience, Erectile Dysfunction ads would be like gold!

We give it to you, so you can give it to her.

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