Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wes Lyons in the mix

Wes Lyons

Something I'm rooting for this year is for Wes Lyons to get some experience in some meaningful games . From the Blue Gold News, At 6'7", most people would expect Lyons was recruited because he is such a big target, and has an advantage in jump ball situations, but the first thing about the Woodland Hills wideout that caught the coach's eye was his blocking skills. That shouldn't really surprise anyone. The first thing wide receivers have to prove to get on the field is that they can block. How would you like to be a 5-9 DB trying to see around him on the goal line?

As of right now, he is still trying to work his way into the two-deep rotation. Hopefully by the time we get to the games that count, he will have worked his way in.

There are a lot of reasons to get him in the rotation, but freeing up a spot to get Jason Colson back at running back is a reason that sticks out to me. I would love for Jason to get back on the field as a running back, and have a chance to make a difference. For sticking around and being loyal to the team, he deserves that chance.

Jason Colson

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huthut62 said...

I agree with u on colson I think after the syracuse game he was in coach rod's doghouse for fumbling so much, but i would like to see jason contributing to the team again because he is true team player