Tuesday, September 19, 2006

BlogPoll Roundtable #3

Brought to us by the fine folks at Maze and Brew. We congratulate you on a fine victory. However, you might have just sent the Big East #2 to the Sun Bowl instead of the Gator. It's up to the rest of the Notre Dame schedule to ensure that they make a BCS bowl! Now on with the Roundtable.

1. Its only the third week of the season and we've already seen some highly ranked favorites drop out of national championship contention. Preseason favorite Cal dropped to #21 after a loss and a pair of underwhelming victories. Who's your pick as the next NC contender to take a fall?

For obvious reasons it would have to be someone in the SEC. Florida, Auburn, or Georgia are all in position to make a run for the title. It's just a matter of which one will fall first. A tOSU fan said something to me about being afraid to play Penn State this weekend. I tried to soothe their feelings of dread, but some people just can't get over what happened last year. For me, I don't see it as being a problem. I guess you could say USC as my honorable mention. I wonder if they have the ability to come back like last years team did.

2. By that same token there are several schools hanging around without a loss that all of a sudden look like surprise contenders. There are also a few one loss teams with a legit shot at getting back into it. Looking at the rankings who's the team no one's talking about with the best shot at crashing the party ?

Off the bat, I would say Louisville has positioned themselves real well for a shot. I felt pretty strongly that Louisville would get a huge boost if they beat Miami. I don't see a lot of difference in how the team goes with Hunter in there at quarterback. Anyone that can play with cotton shoved up their nose is alright with me. It's not a surprise to me that Georgia is undefeated so far, but I don't think too many people were talking about them in a National Championship game going into the year.

3. Every team has their quicksand away game. You know. That place you should win but somehow find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or at least scare the &*%^ out of you every year. Did you know that over the last 21 years Kentucky hasn't won once in Knoxville? Where is your team's yearly sandtrap?

We haven't played at Pappa John stadium yet, so I can't really speak to that. I thought that the East Carolina game could be a trap game for us just because of the close score (20-15) last year in Morgantown, but I don't feel that so much anymore. However, Pitt has been a thorn in our side for-like-ever and stuff. Most recently, while West Virginia was in a free fall in 2004, Pitt broke our hearts, as we still had a chance for a BCS bowl birth going into that game. It would have been fun to see the Meyer spread vs. the Rodriguez spread.

4. Now that you've looked into the darkest place in your football soul, free Escalades aside, turn and look into your crystal ball. Conference play is either just starting or a single game in. Based on what you've seen so far, give the order of finish in your conference, and if you've got a Conference Championship game tell us who the winner will be. Independents must predict the remainder of their schedule. The results your predictions will be held against you at the end of the season.

West Virginia
South Florida

Normally the Big East doesn't have a title game, but I think everyone knows the title will be decided on November 2nd, and I take West Virginia in another high scoring game.

5. In keeping with the spirit of Maize n Brew, name your beverage of choice on game days and why. It need not be alcoholic, as there are some of us who choose not to imbibe on game day. Further, it need not be limited to a single brand/type/category. If you enjoy drinking PBR and Kraft Turkey Gravy at the same time (which I have personally witnessed), please, elaborate. Finally, if you should feel so inclined, and this is not a requirement, add an anecdote involving said beverage choice.

I hate to be so in line with the host, but really, Miller Lite is just the best. Less filling, tastes great. However, as the season get's into the cooler temps, a drastic switch is needed. And there is only one cure for the cold, and that is Wild Turkey! I wish I had video footage of myself walking back to my tailgate from the Syracuse game a couple years ago. Ugh, mom would not be proud.

I couldn't pass this question up without mentioning Tom and Ron and Ron for providing so many great eats for the tailgate. You guys rock! The food you put in my belly is probably the only thing between me and oblivion. Brats, Buffalo burgers (that was a nice touch for the Marshall game by the way), and the best chicken wings ever. EVER!


Anonymous said...

Firstly, this has been one darn good football season thus far...

Secondly, I'm glad I'm your friend and not your foe...

Thirdly, since today is 'Talk like a Pirate' day:

Off th' bat, I would say L'ville has positioned they's self real well fer a shot. I felt pretty strongly that L'vlle would get a huge boost if they beat the scurvy Miami.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Drink real beer not water.

Johnny said...

I like to save the Guiness Draft for more relaxed atmospheres. If I drop a Miller Lite, it's no big deal. I probably have one in my other hand.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Back up beer?


Johnny said...