Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maryland Remembers

I'm sure it's a hard one to forget for Maryland. It's hard for me to forget last years game against the Terps. It was a turning point for the Mountaineer offense. Even though Patrick White and Steve Slaton were still hanging out on the sidelines for most of the game, it was the first game that the offense was able to put it all together and run the ball with authority.

"We established our offensive line that game," Mozes said of the unit that helped the Mountaineers finish fourth nationally in rushing yards per game last season. "We solidified what the offensive line was all about -- pounding the ball. We established ourselves as a running team."

Mozes himself almost got moved back to guard in that game. He had trouble snapping the ball in the shotgun formation the first two plays, but on the third he got it right and never looked back.
If not for Vernon Davis running all over the place in the third quarter, the game could have been a blowout. Thankfully, he is in San Francisco playing for the 49'ers now.

Notes from Ralph Friedgen's Tuesday press conference:

"It's been a hectic week, and it's far from over. We are going to play a very good football team. We are going to go up there and see where our maturity is; we will see how we handle the environment and how hard we play the game."

"I think it's very important; the relationship and rivalry we have with West Virginia is great for both programs. I had a choice not to play West Virginia when I first got here and I didn't want that. I wanted to play West Virginia so we would have that rivalry. It's a great college football game, it always is. It's good, tough, hard-nosed football from both teams. Hopefully we can go in there and get a win."

I hope you don't win coach, but that's just the homer in me.

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