Monday, September 18, 2006

SI On Campus

I just noticed that SI On Campus has a link over to my little corner of the internet. Just wanted to say thanks for noticing! I would suggest a couple additions to that list: We Must Ignite This Couch (obviously!), and even though they are our hated rival to the north, Pitt Blather.

I have to say that that is the most unique way I have ever seen Mountainlair spelled, "Mountain Layer." But I'm not bitching. I've seen it spelled several ways, and am happy for all the links. When I named it, I used the spelling of the WVU student union, the Mountainlair. Yeah, so that's how that works.

Ahh, but still no Marshall blog. Is it (blog) a four letter word in Cabell County? East Carolina has a blog, and very well named one at that, Pirate Botty!!! They even have a Pirate Name generator, or a link to one. I'm Black John Roberts, even though I chose Blue as my favorite color. I wonder how that works if you choose purple for your favorite color? At any rate, it's safe to say that East Carolina has it all over Marshall in the blog department. And judging by their games this year, they have it all over Marshall on the football field as well. For my analysis on the ECU-WVU game be sure to check out the AOL Blog.



Anonymous said...


One day last year SI linked to a post of mine and I got nearly 1000 hits that day! It was sweet...

Johnny said...

I've seen about two hits so far. Hehehe