Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello Cleveland, err Cincinnati, err...

Ok, so our dyslexic map reading adventure has taken us from Parkersburg to Cincinnati to Louisville to Memphis so far. And oh yeah, we're supposed to be going to Mississippi. We decided to drive because of uncomfortable situations at airport security that always seem to happen to us! And yes, that cucumber is fresh!

For sure, Cincinnati is a pro sports town! There was one, maybe two articles about the Cincinnati win over Miami (Ohio) in the Sunday paper, and about a bazillion articles on the Reds and Bengals. It really is sad, because there are putting together a decent program and facilities in Cincy.

Louisville, on the other hand, seems to be embracing the rise of their Cardinals! I'll have more on Louisville and my meeting with Louisville blogger Butch in a separate piece.

I don't know much about Memphis yet. I can say that it is hotter than Hell here! Those long sleeve shirts? Burn them!

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