Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Hey Boss. Yeah, this is John. I'm going to be like sick or something on November 3rd."

This is what we have been waiting for all year long! No more Lou Holthzisms. Come Thursday Nov. 2nd, one team will put themselves in great shape for a shot at the title. The other will be left to stew for 12 months about what could have been.


Dr Sak said...

I think WVU is a much better team than Louisville right now. Even with Brohm back the Cards have not looked good. Brohm can't seem to get back in sync after his injury.

It is a shame that the media keeps giving WVU a bad rap. They have done everything expected of them with their schedule. But yet USC can struggle 3 weeks in a row against average teams and the media looks the other way.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Beware of Rutgers!

BWAAAAAA! I'm sorry. I can't even write it without giggling uncontrolably.