Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Podcast Worth Your Time

With all the talk about the next coach at Alabama, this is probably one of the better conversations you will hear on the subject. Orson from Every Day Should Be Saturday and Todd from Roll Bama Roll bring many fine points. I hate to hear how much sense it makes for Coach Rod to be the next coach at Alabama, but the truth hurts sometimes, and it's the price we pay for success. So head over to to hear this fine podcast and cast your vote for Kim Jong Il!

Ed. Note-As I'm writing this, rumors are floating around the Spurrier has been offered 3.3 Million a year for seven years, and a 5 Million signing bonus. Also, that cloning doctor from South Korea just arrived in Alabama to start work on Bear Bryant's remains in case the deal doesn't go through.


Hardy said...

Some good points were made Oon the podcast about Rodriguez probably going to Alabama.
But not great.
First of all, Rod doensn't come across as a slimeball.
Similar to Spurrier, it would seem out of character (from what I can gather) for Rodriguz to secretly accept the 'bama job, and then later, along with his agent, to publicly deny that he'd even been so much as contacted by Alabama.
That would be called "LYING."
That would be slimeball.

A possible incentive for Rich Rod taking the 'Bama job, mentioned on the podcast, was,
"Why not go? -- Rodriguez would be welcomed back to WVU with open arms after a short stint at Alabama."
A lying (or at least deceptive) Rodriguez would not be accepted back at WVU (at least by the fans) after a four-year or so stint at Alabama. A lying Rodriguez would probably get his house egged and toilet-papered on the way out of town. So, a possible return to WVU after a short stint to Alabama is definitely not a realistic incentive.
But the major point (to my mind) which wasn't discussed was that, with White, Slaton, Schmitt, and most major playmakers returning next season, Rodriguez is looking at his most seasoned, veteran, and talented WVU team yet.
Next year's team would be REALISTIC national champ contenders.
Why leave now?
Rod would be worth more after a great next season/possible national championship.
Why not stick around to see if you win the big one?
By the way -- Rod also knows how to recruit OUTSIDE OF Alabama.

Just some thoughts.

Johnny said...

Yeah, he doe's a pretty good job in Alabama as well, Pat White. Those are all great points. In my way of thinking, the only way he would go to Alabama would be as a challenge. I don't think money is a big deal for him. At least not to the point that Orson said eveyone has their price.

I'm pretty sure we will know something this Sunday. What time is dinner?