Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big East Blogger Awards

Yes we are starting small, but the first Big East Blogger Awards are up at the Big East Fanhouse. Thanks to Chas Rich from the Pitt Fanhouse and the Pitt Blather for putting this together. What we lacked in quantity, I think we made up for in quality. With Chas, myself, and Mike from The Card Chronicle. Yes, the unfortunate truth is that the Big East Blogoshpere is not a very large group. I've pointed my taunting finger at Marshall on several occasions for not having a single blog, but I will have to direct it back at myself this time. Or at least the Big East. I have no idea who Chas invited to join in, and it doesn't matter. I'm not bringing this up to call someone out for not participating. We need to see some participation from all the schools in the Big East. And not just for our kick ass awards, either.

We need it to spread the word about the Big East. Sure, it's not the best conference, but it's getting better. I think this season showed it with all the young talent out there. What was once a train wreck in mid-crash, has turned into a decent football conference in a short time. Hopefully the success on the field will spur a few more wrestles fingers for next year. And don't forget to check out the awards and leave your comments.

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