Friday, December 01, 2006

Making Good Decisions

With all the insanity going on at the WVU and Alabama message boards(sorry if I left anyone out), I though this was an excellent piece by Bill Curry.

"Most of the people making decisions about coaches these days have no football background. They did not play our sport, they did not coach it, and they simply do not understand it. So they work from their sports business school model, often ignoring the most important aspects of the situation: student-athlete welfare and fiscal responsibility."

When stability is dictated by quality leadership, good football players gravitate toward the program, the local chapter of the Fellowship of the Miserable (moaners and complainers) shuts its mouth, student-athletes study, graduate and produce championships and programs prosper.

In the midst of behavior that appears to be insane, the rational alternative is all the more appealing. With The U.S. Congress looking on, it would seem that the millions of rational alumni of our great universities would do well to get involved and force sound hiring practices.

In a worst case scenario for West Virginia it's going to be important to not go after the sexy hire, ie Terry Bowden. I'd rather we do something to lock up coach Rod, but that time might have already passed this past summer during renegotiations of Rod's contract. Who knows, insanity breeds insanity these days.

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Mike said...

Bet ya the WVU_Rutgers game gets great ratings, seeing how the entire state of Alabama will be watching.