Thursday, December 14, 2006

Peter Boyle Dead at 71

I can honestly say that I never watched one episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond." So I guess the title really isn't true. But sadly, Peter Boyle passed away Tuesday evening. What's even more sad is that there is no mention of his greatest role, in my mind anyway. And that is the role of Hunter S. Thompson's lawyer, Carl Lazlo, Esq. in the movie "Where the Buffalo Roam."

A bit of advice. If you go looking for this dvd, make double, triple sure you get it with the original soundtrack. This movie was a sleeper when it was released, and several years afterwards, someone thought it would be a good idea to re-release it with a sound track full of bad music. I guess to get out of paying ASCAP (or whatever the hell it is). Cheap bastards!

Rest In Peace Pete

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