Saturday, December 09, 2006

Recap of the Rodriguez Story in the Blogosphere

I'm all out of energy to write anything else about the last couple days. So why not take a look around the sphere of bloggers that chimed in on the Rich Rodriguez story. And not so oddly, I start off with two fine Georgia bloggers.

Paul over at the Georgia Sports Blog did a great story on the job Rodriguez has done at West Virginia considering the resources he had.

Doug at Hey Jenny Slater has some suggestions as to where Alabama should look now.

Orson has the before and after.

Jude from We Must Ignite This Couch gives the WVU side.

Mike from the Card Chronicle reminds us that a win for West Virginia is a win for the Big East.

Journalism is for Rockstars uses fuck in a bad way.

Roll Bama Roll asks, what now?

Cool Hand Mike talks with pictures.

In the Bleachers says he's gone, no he's staying.

Fanblogs, College Football Resource, and Mighty MJD strike through to the truth.

Shew, and me? I say Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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