Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reggie Ball Won't in the Gator Bowl

I could quote this that and the other articles about Reggie Ball not being eligible for the Gator Bowl, but there is a group of bloggers that obviously take more joy in it than I ever will. So, first up is the Georgia Sports Blog.

I'm sorry, but what? You didn't realize that your starting quarterback and
cornerback were struggling to pass only six credit hours worth of classes and
maintain a 2.0? Come again? In 2003, GT announced new
designed to ensure that a repeat of Flunkgate wouldn't

Kyle from Dawgsports made this bold prediction before he knew that Ball would be ineligible for the game.

One is excited because its coach isn't leaving; the other is dejected because its coach isn't leaving. One is looking to post its second consecutive 11-win season; the other is looking to recapture the lost glory of the 1997 Carquest Bowl. (We are, after all, talking about the Yellow Jackets, whose last six postseason victories have included two wins in competitive games against Stanford.)In short, the Mountaineers are going to win and Georgia Tech is going to lose.

I wonder if this changes things, or makes them that much more obvious? Check back with Kyle later in the day as well.

I've always been a little curious as to why he has never been replaced. I'll take a look at the guy that must be the most popular person on the campus at Georgia Tech later today.


CouchBurnin'Girl said...

I wasn't too worried about this game.

Then again: 11 losses in 13 appearances... I don't suppose we should look the gift horse in the mouth.

Johnny said...

Hey CBG. I'm going to try to look back and see what type of quarterback their back up is. If he's the type that just stands in the pocket, we win! I felt pretty strongly about this game too. I think the bad times are behind us. For a while, anyway.