Thursday, January 04, 2007


What else could you call it? The thing that is bothering me right now is that he just has to be a WVU fan. I'm not saying it's not a Mountaineer fan, I'm just wondering how you identify him as a Mountaineer fan. Is it because he isn't wearing "Jorts?"And how the hell do you pinch a loaf right beside all those people and not get the shit kicked out of you?

I mean, you just have to make him bleed on principal, right? At any rate, I'm off today and I've searched the internets for court records all day long from Jacksonville, and found nothing. So maybe someone a little better at this type of search could provide a link and we can put this thing out of our misery.


Jon johnston said...

Who the hell would want to go near the guy after he'd done that?????

Maybe if you had a high pressure hose you could blast him, but otherwise, what a friggin' disgusting human being.

Johnny said...

yup. Well said.