Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Year End Blogpoll

Yeah, the final blogpoll of the year. It's been real fun throwing in my two cents. Looking back at my pre-season poll, I think it might be prudent for me to switch my methodology for assigning rankings. The resume method is something I paid attention during the year, but never seemed to have the time to implement it. Or maybe it was just easier for me to make a decision as to who I thought would win on a neutral field. Eight of the teams I had in my pre-season poll did not make the final poll. Most notably Iowa at #8 and Miami at #9. My pre-season rankings are in parenthesis.

Congratulations to Florida on an incredible game. I didn't see that one coming. And neither did Ohio St. Congrats to the Big East for going 5-0 in bowl games this year as well. Not quite dead just yet.

Update 01/10/2007 830am: I had to go back into the blogpoll widget and change Georgia and Va. Tech just because the dirty birds don't deserve to be ranked ahead of a team they just lost to. However, I'm not changing it here, because I just don't have time to.

1Florida 2 (6)
2Ohio State 1 (2)
3Southern Cal 2 (3)
4LSU 2 (4)
5Wisconsin 3 (nr)
6Louisville 2 (13)
7Boise State 6 (nr)
8Michigan 6 (18)
9West Virginia 1 (10)
10Auburn 3 (7)
11Rutgers 5 (nr)
12Texas 6 (1)
13Oklahoma 4 (22)
14California 7 (11)
15Brigham Young 4 (nr)
16Arkansas 4 (nr)
17Wake Forest 2 (nr)
18Virginia Tech 4 (16)
19Georgia 1 (12)
20Notre Dame 9 (5)
21Oregon State 2 (nr)
22Penn State 4 (17)
23South Florida 1 (nr)
24Tennessee 7 (14)
25TCU 1 (19)

Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#22), Nebraska (#25).

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