Monday, April 16, 2007

Huggins is a Brilliant Hire

Well, it looks like long time WVU beat writer Micky Furfari is starting to come around the to blogger style of reporting. In his most recent article he points out that even the fine folks Pitt beat writers, or at least one, thinks that the hiring of Bob Huggins is a brilliant hire.

And if you follow that link you will see a whole lot of quotes from Pitt beat writer Bob Smizik. And there are most definitely some good points to be read, but you don't have to quote the whole article Micky! Back to the points, though. Maybe I/we are just kidding ourselves if we think college sports and academics really have anything to do with the other. College sports is about the winning and the money! And in that light, Huggins is the best hire possible for West Virginia because I can't think of a higher profile coach that would even consider coming to West Virginia.

It's a hard thing to admit. You'd like to think that there is something special going on at your school, but if it is in the academic realm it is up to the students themselves. Coaches can preach it, schools most certainly spend money on academic facilities for it's student athletes. But the kids have to want it.

Now having said that, there's still a bit of uneasiness on my part about Huggins. I'm sure it will pass in time. But if your most hated rival is telling you it's ok, it's probably ok.

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