Monday, April 23, 2007

Lee Corso's Merkin and Other Random Stuff

Yeah, it was good to give the Mountainlair the once over with Virginia Tech colors over the weekend. But just because we've gone back to the original format doesn't mean we stopped caring. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers a long time after the TV camera's go away. I've made a little change to the header of The Mountainlair that I think I'm going to keep up for a good while. Any comments?

It seems oddly familiar, but I don't remember ever going to Lee Corso's Merkin before. But the name alone is worth a look, and I've added him it to the blogroll under Bloggerss of Note.

If you haven't been reading Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks for West Virginia and other news, by all mean, start!

We're doing a thing over at the College Football Fanhouse called "College Eye for the NFL Guy" that is worth a read or two. Apparently I'm a racist of some sort for saying that Brian Leonard has good ups for a white kid.

And if you were wondering what I've been doing with my time when not posting about college football, check out the Guitar Lounge. It's silly sometimes, but there should be something worth your clicking.


CouchBurnin'Girl said...

Holy Shit, Johnny... you're back. Just realized today... I'll have to re-add you to my favorites!

Johnny said...

Hey CBG, yeah I just felt the need to do this again. Not so much to post every day, but with the new responsibilities at the fanhouse, I want to have a place to cover everything else Mountaineer! Thanks for checking out the Mountainlair!!!

Option Spread said...

Hey thanks for the support man. You've been instrumental in increasing our visitors. If you're planning on posting regularly again, I'll add you to our links.