Sunday, April 08, 2007

West Virginia Spring Game Not Very Spring-Like

Ya know, it's just not the same to me. Spring games that is. It's all very vanilla. The coaches are more interested in the film than the actual game. The players are fighting for positions, but there just isn't anything on the line for the fans. At least I don't know of anyone that was placing bets on if the offense or defense would win. And they must be a sick sombitch if they are. And as your attorney, I advise you to keep your distance from these individuals.

But anyway, I do have a piece up over at the Fanhouse on the Gold-Blue game. I tell you what, anyone that braved the cold for that gets and extra special Charlie Chaplin hat tip for attending that game. I hope you had the anti-freeze at max output.

I will say this, I find it a little troubling that the offense was only able to get 145 yards on 53 carries. We have to, have to, have to find someone to back up Slaton this year. The West Virginia defense has always been good at stopping the run, but it would be nice if Slaton didn't have to come back into games because no one else could run the ball. Perhaps Mr. Devine will have some answers for us, or Mr. Gwaltney. That's all just speculation until they are both on the field next fall, though.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Mine rocked! Well, as much as you can rock with an acoustic guitar.

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