Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ouch, Coaches That Lit West Virginia Up

MSNsports.NET is running a piece on the greatest coaches WVU ever faced. And man, there are some numbers that will bring the proudest Mountaineer fan back to Earth real quick.

#20 Butch Davis- "Davis was 5-1 against West Virginia with a pair of gut-wrenching three-point victories over WVU at Mountaineer Field in 1996 and 1998." Um, hey we did win one! But that 1996 blocked punt as the game was winding down sucked really bad and stuff!

#18 Lou Holtzths- I'm copy and pasting all this just because he's the only one on this list with a losing record against WVU!! Woop! "Lou Holtz got a rude awakening to college football in 1970 when his out manned William & Mary team was soundly whipped by West Virginia in his first ever head coaching appearance. “For crying out loud they still had (Jim) Braxton in the game in the fourth quarter,” Holtz said afterward. But he had learned a valuable lesson – when you get an opponent down, bury them. Holtz got his revenge two years later when his N.C. State team routed West Virginia 49-13 in the Peach Bowl, and his victory against the Mountaineers in the 1989 Sunkist Fiesta Bowl gave him his only national championship coaching at Notre Dame."

#13 Barry Switzer- "In 1978, Oklahoma and Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims rolled to a 52-10 victory in Norman. Four years later in 1982, Don Nehlen pulled off one of the biggest upset victories in school history by beating Oklahoma 41-27." Yeah, I remember that game, so that makes me old. I only really bring this one up because 12-1 are not pretty.

12 Jimmah Johnson- 1-0, but what a one. I, unfortunately, was there (yes, I know I'm old) to witness one of if not thee worst beatings the Mountaineers ever had. 1986, the year before Vinny Testaverde went into a football coma in the NFL. He was throwing 60 yard bombs left handed before the game, and his back up was smiling like the butchers dog because he knew this one would be over quick. 58-14 quick! Unfortunately I was still too young to drink.

#9 Steve Spurrier- In his only meeting with the Mountaineers, Spurrier's team went down 7-0 and put up 41 straight points on the "hung over" Mountaineers. Hey, people say they saw 'em out partying the night before and I believe them from the looks of that game. I don't think Darren Studstill has been the same since looking out his ear hole. Ouch!

#7 Bobby Bowden- 2-0. He never forgave us for hanging his likeness outside his house. All he is is a damn dirty assistant coach thief anyway.

#6 Fielding Yost- Hey this guy is from Fairview, WV. Where ever that is. Hehehehe. In his Michigan team's only meeting with the Mountaineers, they put up a 130-0 squeaker. No really, it was tied 0-0 midway through the opening gun.

#1 Joe Paterno- Ugh! 25-2 versus the Mountaineers, but I only attended the two wins in '84 and '88. Maybe I should have gone to more Penn St. games?


MountainLaurel said...

you certainly should have gone to more WVU v. P.State games! I can't count the number I've gone to (well, I could, but I'm too lazy), and Penn State beat us like a drum each time except 84 and 88, which you well know. I missed my high school homecoming dance to attend Pitt 84. I certainly made the right choice! (Of course, that was helped a bit by the fact that I didn't have a date.. ;-)

Johnny said...

What's better than 50,000 (capacity at the time) of your closest friends? High school was overrated!

MountainLaurel said...

AMen to that! Besides, I think attendance was more than 50,000. At least it felt like that. We were like sardines.

And yes, HS was overrated. I've got a reunion coming up that I'm simultaneously anticipating and dreading. Just like high school. :-)