Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mountaineer Pre-game is Changing

And I'm a little confused by the whole thing. Not how it is going to work. It seems pretty easy to understand. Band does something we get excited. Band does something else, we get a little more excited. Band does speed metal, we all start breathing fire and intimidate the shit out of the visiting team and their fans. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm confused as to why anyone needs to get the crowd more fired up.
West Virginia University plans to amp up the football team's entrance this year.

The new entrance is a collaboration among three people: Rita Rodriguez, the wife of Coach Rich Rodriguez; Jay Drury, the director of the marching band; and Dusty Rutledge, video coordinator for the football program.

"We started talking about it a couple of years ago, how we can excite the crowd," Rutledge said. "The more excited the crowd gets, the more excited your team will get."

I mean, isn't this West F'ing Virginia (we take the uck out for the kids)? Aren't we supposed to be crazy and loud just to spite anyone that isn't? Here's the thing. Every year, Mountaineer field gets a little more lame. It's been a slow, steady decline. People just don't get up and start drinking at 6 am like they should. And I can't do it for them, they have to want it!

I've been disappointed in the folks that have been siting in front of me the last couple years. And last year I finally got some evidence. This video is from last years Rutgers game. Yeah, the three freaking overtime Rutgers game when you would think crazy Mountaineer fans would be, well you know, F'ING CRAZY!!!1!

Yes, yes, it's a timeout. But what the f? It wasn't that cold, maybe 30. But that's the time you need to jump up and down just to keep the blood flowing. Make some noise. It's the job of the fan to bring their "A" game every week, no matter what the time or weather!

You might think I'm being cruel, but it's tough love that gets results. Not what the band plays right before the team comes out. However, if they ever mess with this again, I will absolutely kill someone!


MountainLaurel said...

I'm actually hopeful about the change. I'm getting pretty tired of the 2001: A Space Odyssey thing, which I never liked all that well to start out with.

here's an idea: how about playing songs from WV bands? There's a rap song "The Gold and the Blue" that would work, and I'm sure 63 Eyes could come up with something pretty kicking.

Aaaah, when they make me the New Ed Pastilong... :-)

Love the new banner!

Johnny said...

Thanks Mt.Laurel. Yeah, I guess we'll see how this whole thing works out on Saturday. What ever it is, I hope it's totally unique.