Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Way Too Early Crack Pipe Poll

I'm not saying, I'm just saying. Happily it is season two for me on the Blog Poll. Brought to us by Brian over at MGO Blog. There was a time that I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this blog going or not. So thanks to all the well wishers and google searchers that kept me afloat until we got to this point.

The season is just around the corner and I'm fully stocked on beer and rolling papers. The dart board is warmed up, so let's pick a top 25!

I'm not going to go through an explanation of each pick I have on here, just the ones that kind of peak my interest, or ones that I know you are going to have questions about.

1 Southern Cal 25
2 LSU 24
3 Texas 23
4 Michigan 22
5 Florida 21
6 Wisconsin 20
7 Virginia Tech 19
8 Oklahoma 18
9 West Virginia 17
10 Florida State 16
11 Louisville 15
12 Georgia 14
13 Georgia Tech 13
14 California 12
15 Auburn 11
16 Penn State 10
17 Nebraska 9
18 UCLA 8
19 Ohio State 7
20 Tennessee 6
21 Rutgers 5
22 Boston College 4
23 TCU 3
24 Miami (Florida) 2
25 Hawaii 1

7. Virginia Tech-With the relative weakness of the ACC, I think if Va. Tech can beat Florida St. and LSU, they could be looking at an undefeated season. Now someone is going to have to step up and wear the big boy pants at the quarterback position. But outside of that I think this team is very talented and has a chip on it's shoulder of sorts after the tragedy that took place in Blacksburg earlier this year.

9. West Virginia-What? Look I picked them to finish 10th last year and you might remember that they were 10th in both the polls and the blogpoll at the end of last year. So settle down and listen to me. The defense isn't where it needs to be yet. The defensive line is in bad shape with the loss of Pat Liebig. There starters are good, but there are a lot of depth questions still out there. So until the defense shows me something, I'm sticking with this prediction. I'll be more than happy to eat my words if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen any reason to believe I am.

10. Florida St.- Rick Trickett. Nuff said! Florida St. is going to run the ball effectively this season and not force their quarterbacks into bad situations. That alone should be worth 10 wins.

13. Georgia Tech- No Reggie Ball, no problem. Seriously, if Chan Gailey wasn't the coach I might push them up higher. I know, that's mean, but probably true.

19. Ohio St.- You never know, they might reload and be really good, but I think Wisconsin and Michigan are really looking forward to this.

21. Rutgers- I'm just not feeling it for this team. They have seven starters returning on offense and six on defense, but the loss of Leonard et al. could really hurt more than most people think. The OOC isn't too bad, but I don't think they will be able to hang with the likes of Louisville and WVU. And South Florida might be a little bit better this year.

As always, feel free to leave your comments. We are rolling this out a little earlier than last year so that we can get some comments and make some adjustments before we do the final pre-season poll.

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