Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Goodbye Cruel World Part 2

Yup, I'm moving on. Like I said back in January, it's no good trying to do too much if everything turns out half assed, and this blog has been very half assed this year. I gave it another shot, but there just isn't time in the day to do this justice.

I'm not going away completely, though. I've got an offer to write over at the Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks. Hopefully look for a couple three posts a week over there from me. And I'll still be at the FanHouse. For any blogpollers, I'm still going to be doing that, so if you would put a link up to the Bastards site that would be swell.

Also, look for me over at In The Bleachers from time to time.

Thanks again for all the support and comments,


Update: I'll be opening for Todd Burge and Rob Szabo on October 5th at the Blennerhassett in Parkersburg. Pretty sure it's free to get in. Come up and say hi. I'm the bald one.

Here's a video from Rob's last album (Like a Metaphor) called Breaking Even

and here's a video from Rob's last time in Parkersburg called Good Son

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