Thursday, September 13, 2007

Halftime Thoughts WVU-Maryland

Unckle Ray Ray needs to be on the sideline for every college football game! I'd much rather hear him talk than Erin Andrews. Maybe they could show pictures of her while he talks? Gold Jerry, Gold!

WVU defense needs to stiffen up in the middle. It's bad when you can't stop the run or the pass. But hey, Maryland only had seven points, so I guess we shouldn't complain. Maryland is clearly looking to shut down Slaton at all costs. But he has 103 yards at the half.

The Mountaineer offense needs to exicute and make plays. I'm just telling you what Rodriguez is going to say coming out of halftime. And Erin Andrews is going to look like she gives a fuck, and everyone is happy. Woop!

We'll see if West Virginia can come out and take the game over in the second half. More importantly, Maryland had the ball and kept WV's defense on the field for a long time. So we'll have to see if the defense is tired toward the end of the game. That's why Maryland just wants to stay close.

Post game thoughts if I don't pass out....

Did Dorrell Jallho used to be the lead singer for Fishbone? Just curious.

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