Monday, September 17, 2007

Week Three Blogpoll Ballot

If you go around and look at other Blogpoll ballots you will probably see some mention that the first few weeks are hard to flesh out just because everyone is playing mostly patsy games. And I just want to join the group that is having trouble deciding who is good and who isn't. Here's the link to all the voters if you wish to check out what everyone else thinks. It helps when teams like UCLA get beat as bad as they did, but hurts because there really isn't too much to replace them with. But I'm starting to like this Brian Kelly guy and his Cincinnati Bearcats. So problem solved at least for this week.

Leave comments if you think I need to make some changes to my poll. I have until 10am Wednesday to make changes. My rational for the rest of the poll below.

1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Florida --
5 California 4
6 Oregon 2
7 West Virginia 4
8 Boston College 6
9 Penn State 3
10 Ohio State 8
11 Rutgers 1
12 Texas 7
13 Wisconsin --
14 South Florida 1
15 South Carolina 6
16 Georgia 6
17 Texas A&M 9
18 Kentucky 8
19 Louisville 9
20 Clemson --
21 Nebraska 4
22 Georgia Tech 15
23 Alabama 3
24 Hawaii 1
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: UCLA (#16), Arkansas (#19), Tennessee (#23), TCU (#24).

1-4 I think I could make just as good an argument for any of these teams to be number one. So I'm keeping them in the same order I had them last week.

5-10 Cal gets a boost just because they have a true balanced attack and I don't think anyone below them could beat them on a neutral field. Oregon is still looking good in my eyes from the Michigan game. I don't care if Michigan is good or not, you don't go into the Big House and do that. West Virginia, I give. I know someone is going to give them fits in both halves of a game this year. But for now I can't help but move them up. BC has been pretty impressive in all their wins this year. They'll make me look stupid for putting them this high in the poll within a week or two, though. Mark my words. Penn St. did not impress me at all in their win over Buffalo. I didn't watch the game. I just can't imagine that Buffalo could score on anyone or keep anyone from scoring. Ohio State figured out how to play offense in the second half of the game against Washington, and will probably win the Big 10 now and I'll have to hear it from tOSU fans for another year. Thanks a lot Big Ten.

11-15 We're coming up on the fringes of the sublime now. Rutgers ahead of Texas? Dogs and Cats living together? Yup. Rutgers has played no one, and Texas should have steamrolled Central Florida, so I flipped a coin. For some reason beyond my comprehension Wisconsin is still ranked, but at least in my heart I know I have them lower than the AP or Coaches polls so I can sleep at night. South Florida and South Carolina at least have quality wins. Well, South Carolina does. But that defense for South Florida is impressive enough to keep them up there until the offense comes around.

16-20 Georgia and Texas A&M beat their cupcakes in fine fasion, blah blah blah. Kentucky did the impossible in my mind. I knew they would score on Louisville, but I didn't think they would outscore them. So hats off to you Kentucky. Clemson can be summed up in one word, meh. A win is a win this far down in the poll.

21-25 is pretty self explanatory.

Games I watched:
Pitt-Michigan St.
Southern Cal-Nebraska
BC-Ga. Tech

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