Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pugh Gets The Stink Eye, Then The Boot

Grrrrr! Old white men can not be bested at stink eye gazes.

It's official, Bill Stewart has kicked Charles Pugh off the Mountaineer football team for living up to his name. The conversation between Stewart and Pugh went something like this:
Pugh! You stink! You're moist, and you smell funny! In my book, that's three strikes. You're out of here!
And that might be the shortest conversation Bill Stewart has ever had. Even if it was made up. In other news relating to this, our old pal Chuck Landon has chimed in. Why I'm not exactly sure. The last time I saw anything he wrote was about the time I started this blog in 2005. Going off what my high school coach said one day, "Men, don't listen to a %&*#!@# word Chuck says. He played tennis at Marshall for Christ's Sake!" And that's all we needed to hear. Anyway, read this if you must.

Whatever happens, look for Stewart to deal with it much differently than former coach Rich Rodriguez would have. Rodriguez would have looked the other way. He would have lifted the carpet. He would have winked.

Rodriguez proved that during the Pac-Man Jones and Chris Henry years.

Those days are gone, thank goodness.

Now, it's up to Stewart to clean up the lack of accountability that was left behind.

And he will.

Oooh! For someone that's been covering Marshall Football for the past however long, Chuck sure does have an ax to grind with Rod. The ruse will not work though. We know you Chuck. We know where you came from and where you've been. This will not gain you any favor with West Virginia fans.

Oh hey, was I talking about Pugh or my least favorite writer in the world? Sidetracked as usual. This is probably where I should talk about the impact this will have on the team. More often than not, if you weren't a regular starter before your senior year, you probably won't make much of a contribution your senior year. Out!

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