Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo

Rocking the Elvis in flannel cause it's what I do.

Some good Heisman talk about Pat White from Mr. Heisman Pundit. If you missed him on the In The Bleachers podcast, head over and give it a listen.

White didn’t start every game of his freshman season, he has helped lead the Mountaineers to three 11-win seasons, with a shot at a fourth. Can any quarterback in the history of college football say likewise? If WVU can once again get to 11 wins, White will go down as one of the all-time winners in the annals of the sport. There is probably not a more powerful argument to be made on his behalf in his quest for the Heisman.

Things aren't going quite to plan with the renovations at Rutgers Stadium. The new seating might still be going in as planned, but the new sound system and other amenities might be a no go. Instead, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band will provide entertainment between plays.

This link is broken, but they title it Learning On The Fly. Apparently a piece on WVU center Mike Dent. Until MSN fixes the link we'll keep it simple. Just keep 'em chest high, Mike. Then we'll work on that whole blocking thing.

You know the world is about to end when I link to anything Stewart Mandel said, but this is kind of funny.

(to hell with trying to make this look good)As for Rodriguez, I can't help but wonder how a man making millions of dollars could surround himself with such incompetent representation. From his agent
(Mike Brown) who tried to strong-arm West Virginia by floating non-existent job
offers from other schools to his lawyer (Marv Robon) who likened the coach's
buyout to a form of slavery to whichever legal wizard led him to believe a court
would let him off the hook for $4 million based solely on an alleged verbal
promise made by the school's since-ousted president, Team Rodriguez was not
exactly the greatest set of minds ever assembled.
Lastly, ESPN will be in town tomorrow for the "Title Town" thingy. I won't be here, so if anyone wants to email me a recap of the event, fire away. Me? I'll be at the Pitchfork Music Fest this weekend, enjoying Spoon, Dinosaur Jr., and The Hold Steady. As well as a bunch of bands I'll probably be a fan of after the shows.

Spoon-The Underdog

The Hold Steady-Chips Ahoy

Dinosaur Jr.-Whatever's Cool With Me

Enjoy your weekend!

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