Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo

Got any lighter fluid?

I love this Stewart guy!

They think I’m the nicest guy since Mr. Rodgers I guess, and I am a nice guy. The trouble is, when you do something that isn’t apropos to the Old Gold and Blue, you will pay an immediate price. I’m not going to raise my voice; I will just tell them to hit the bleachers. We will coach, and they will play.

The good thing was is that we ran some gassers and ran them a little bit after 20 periods of practice. I thought that was a good thing to do. They didn’t but when we put the ball down and went another 20 minutes of pretty intense practice, the offense came through, and I was pleased with that. You tire people, you stress people and that way you don’t have to raise your voice. All you have to do is gut them, in a nice fashion.

I don't know how you can "gut" someone in a nice fashion. I always thought it involved someone running a sharp object through someone else's midsection. I guess Rodriguez wasn't the only innovator over the last seven years.

Single game tickets go on sale August 11th. $45 a ticket for Villanova? That seems criminal.

McCain visits Marshall football team- The Arizona senator and Republican nominee for this year's presidential election should really consider that pandering to the Marshall fan base isn't a great way to get votes. Check the home attendance.

Names that keep popping up: Brandon Hogan, Arlic Arnett, Pat White (naturally), the safety position . I wish there was some solid news on Pat Liebig, because it seems like he has come back just the way he left. And that is something special.

For the ROI crowd, that Rodriguez thing cost us $330k.

This seems like a good way to end this post.

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