Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo

Pfft! We're gettin' close now, it's starting to smell like football around here.

First off, I think I'm going to have a preview of WV over at Deadspin. I did an interview on CFB Weekly earlier this week that I think is going to post today. Maybe. I'm woefully out of touch and I'll be away from the PC most of the day. So all of the above could be one big moonshine hallucination.

The preseason blogpoll is up over at MgoBlog. Woot! Another sign that we will be drunk in front of the TV for the next six months!

Here's a preview of the Mountaineers from the guys at Over The Pylon worth a look at. I'm so bad about getting links on the sidebar up. I swear once we get through these conference previews at FanHouse I'll have some room to breathe.

ESPN Plus will give you a look at the Villanova game. Just hope that there isn't a delay so you can turn the volume down and listen to Tony.

Nice piece on Josh Jenkins for my fellow Parkersburg folks. I'd rather he redshirt and save up for the future. But if he's ready and one of the top linemen then let's get him in and win it all this year.

Burning questions with Brian Bennett at ESPN. Sad he isn't covering Louisville, but glad to have him writing on this stage.

A little bit to do about the teams pregame entrance at home games. I don't care if the helmet stays, a lot of teams do that. Just please get rid of the video that Rita and Co. put together.

I don't agree with Bill Smith on this one. It might seem too simplistic, but knowing what to do and where to sit, etc. can make a road trip seem routine. Having to focus less on the stupid shit and more on who you are playing when the time comes around sounds like a good idea to me. And probably something he saw his many years as an assistant that he wanted to change if he ever got the chance.

Finally, we'll miss you Owen. I hope not too much on the field, but you will be missed!

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