Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Your Staff Together Doc

Wow, here's a picture I didn't think I would ever have to post again. But here it is. I'm totally disappointed in the coaching staff. Go find your own link about clock management. I'm not going to be your link source today. This is all opinion without fact checking.

I'm not even sure I want Doc Holiday as the coach because in times like these your better off to kill the entire herd rather than take a chance on the disease spreading. And believe me, there is a disease on the WVU football team. The defensive intensity was much better last night, but the German sports car that was the WVU offense last year has morphed into a soap box derby car with a broken axle. With so many starters returning, that's on you Bill. This doesn't mean I hate you or anything. You're probably one of the nicest people on the planet. But back when you said you would step aside if you weren't getting the job done? That time is now.

There will be a very special college football songbook, probably out Monday. I'll give you a heads up when it's available. Until then, see above for how I feel.


Death2Pastilong said...

FUCK! I live in Ohio and I took the day off today to avoid going somewhere that people might recognize me. FUCK! I'll always be loyal but mediocrity will not support the expense that I spend driving 12 hr round trips for my season tickets. FUCK!

DOC is not the answer! But I would take the intensity of some of my high school coaches over this happy go lucky guy.

You know ever time WV is on the national news they put the dumbest fucking redneck piece of shit that they could find to speak in front of a national audience. Stewart last night was the same thing. FUCK!

Johnny said...

I like your use of the f word. Don't feel too bad, though. We still get to kick the crap out of Marshall. It's like kicking that yippity dog next door. Nothing ever feels so good.