Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Auburn Has a Problem With Thursday Night Games

But not a problem at all mixing the Slim Goodbody/Elvis/Carrot Top look.

I sometimes forget that real football conferences play on Saturday. So it was kind of funny to read that a Thursday night game would cause problems for anyone.

Ever since Auburn lost to Arkansas and headed into its open week with Thursday’s primetime kickoff at West Virginia looming on the horizon, the calendar’s been a bit askew for Tuberville and the Tigers.

“It’s just your consistency of what you normally do,” Tuberville said. “Tuesday was Monday, yesterday was Wednesday, today’s Thursday.
“You try to keep it all the same, but it’s really hard to do that.”

When I read things like that and the rumors about Tuberville having a stroke that he didn't have but felt like he needed to address that and rumors about a pending retirement, I wonder how much attention is being paid to the game. I think we've seen the pitfalls of week night road games over the past couple years. And we're used to it. I can only imagine how it would effect a team that sticks mostly to the Saturday games.

Lots of teams have trouble coming into Morgantown for a Thursday night game. I don't even know the last time we lost one. That first article said something like 1926, but..what? 1926? Fuck me! Joe Paterno was finishing up his law degree in 1926.

Lou Holthz and Mark May will be doing the color analysis and Rece Davis will do the play-by-play this Thursday night. Holthz has put his foot in his mouth the last couple weeks in controlled situations in the studio. So I find it kind of funny that ESPN will now throw him out there on live TV for an entire game. I have no idea what he will say, but you bet your ass I will be recording this one as it could very well be his last appearance on ESPN.

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